Audio Recordings

Since 2014 Regular Board meetings are now being recorded for viewing on Community Television of Santa Cruz. Please consult this resource first.  We will still post recordings of important otherwise unrecorded meetings we are able to attend.

Last Update: 05.08.2017

These audio files are made available as a courtesy to our fellow rate-payers and general public.  All files are contiguous unless otherwise noted. (Interested in why we do this? See the historical note at the bottom of this page.). Clicking an Agenda link will open it in a new browser tab.

SLVWD Special Board of Director's Meetings:
05.03.2017 1st Half Audio Recording (1hr 50m); 2nd Half Audio Recording (1hr 25m)

SLVWD Board of Director's Meetings:
11.06.2014 Audio Recording (1hr 45m)
10.16.2014 Audio Recording (56m)
09.04.2014 Audio Recording (1h 6m)
Agenda 08.21.2014 Audio Recording (2hr 39m)
            Item7a. Draft response to Grand Jury Report
Agenda 07.17.2014 Audio Recording: Part 1 (3hr 16m),   Part 2 (12m)
            Item8h. Grand Jury Report & Ad. Hoc. Committee
Agenda 06.25.2014 (Special Meeting) Main Meeting (50m). Closed-Session Report (32sec)
Agenda 06.19.2014 Audio Recording (2hr 36m)
            06.20.2014 KSCO's Rosie Chalmers 6am interview with Mark Messimer (edited portions only)
Agenda 05.24.2014 Audio Recording (4hrs +) Special Meeting (Strategic Plan)
Agenda 05.22.2014 Audio Recording (1hr 26m) Special Meeting: Lompico Annexation
Agenda 05.15.2014 Audio Recording (1hr 16m)
Agenda 04.17.2014 Audio Recording (2hr 45m) Lompico Annexation
Agenda 04.03.2014 Audio Recording (2hr 20m)
Agenda 03.06.2014 Audio Recording (3hr 7m)
Agenda 02.20.2014 Audio Recording (2hr 48m)
Agenda 02.06.2014 Audio Recording (2hr 16m)
Agenda 01.16.2014 Audio Recording (2hr 28m)
Agenda 12.19.2013 Audio Recording (2hr 23m)
Agenda 12.05.2013 Audio Recording (2hr 20m)
Agenda 11.21.2013 Audio Recording (3+hrs; 5 minutes lost at the end)
Agenda 11.07.2013 Audio Recording (1hr 51m)
Agenda 10.24.2013 Public comments (1hr 30m), Board actions (30m) (Special Prop.218 meeting)
Agenda 10.17.2013 Audio Recording (1hr 42m)
Agenda 09.19.2013 Audio Recording (55m)

SLVWD Facilities and Planning Subcommittee Meetings:
Agenda 05.22.2014 Audio Recording (2hr 10m) morning.

SLVWD Finance Subcommittee Meetings:
Agenda 10.23.2014 Audio Recording (1hr 38m)
Agenda 07.08.2014 Audio Recording (1hr 52m) Draft Budget
Agenda 02.14.2014 Audio Recording (1hr 27m)
Agenda 01.24.2014 Audio Recording (1hr 32m).

SLVWDt Personnel Subcommittee Meetings:
Agenda 01.10.2014 Audio Recording (52m) [started about 5 minutes late]
Agenda 12.13.2013 Audio Recording (1hr 30m)

SLVWD Lompico Liason Subcommittee Meetings:
02.14.2014 Audio Recording (1hr 43m)  [recording courtesy of Chuck Baughman]

SLVWD Public Relations Subcommittee Meetings:
11.27.2013 Audio Recording

Media Recordings:
01.09.2014 Transcript of KSCO Interview, Rosie Chalmers Interview with Mark Messimer & Stephen Petersen
10.21.2013 KSCO Interview with Randall Brown
10.19.2013 Rosie Chalmers Personal View of the rate increase
10.08.2013 Transcript of KSCO Interview Rosie Chalmers/Board Directors
9.9.2013 Transcript of KSCO Interview Rosie Chalmers/Mark Messimer


After Watchdog Dana Weigand ruefully discovered the District's elaborate looking 1980's era audio recording equipment, complete with microphones and mixer, was defective and apparently has never in recent years resulted in a useable audio cassette tape (she asked for her $10 "tape duplication fee" back for the 8.15.2013 BOD high drama meeting), the Watchdog's decided to make their own recordings.  One of our members has professional audio experience and set us up with a professional portable 4-channel directional 5-microphone digital device configured to record at 44kHz / 16 bit resolution.  Each recording is then down-sampled to 8kHz / 8 bit resolution with about +12dB of equalized contoured compression to augment average volume, decrease low frequency ambient noise and decrease the resulting stereo WAV format output file size.