About Us

The San Lorenzo Valley Watchdogs were founded in 2013 by a group of concerned San Lorenzo Valley residents living within areas served by the San Lorenzo Valley Water District (SLVWD). We were directly motivated by several unpleasant interactions with the district's management team, and subsequently, the actions of some members of the district’s Board of Directors.  In response, we combined our professional skills, social networks and motivations to incite change. From the start, our methodologies in research and investigative reporting have always been based on verifiable facts. Facts garnered directly from SLVWD’s documentation, local and state government resources, proven scientific findings, personal observations, and recorded district meetings. We publish our findings on our website (slvwatchdogs.CO), and promote them through our Facebook page, online forums and local media outlets. Because of our reporting accuracy, our investigative white papers have been accessed and cited by other community groups, as well as the Santa Cruz County Grand Jury.

Since our inception we have grown into a hub of information, communication and collaboration within the SLV / SV voter and rate-payer community. What SLVWD has willingly refused to communicate to its singular oversight committee, the rate payers, we have. Where SLVWD has delayed focus and obscured transparency on critical priorities, we have brought the issues to the surface for public dialog and action. 

The SLV Watchdogs have no formal leadership structure. We are simply a group of community-centric, highly-skilled professionals from a variety of career backgrounds, combined with the community at-large via contemporary outreach tools.  Our focus now is to re-seat the district’s Board of Directors with community members that understand the critical issues of the district that affect the well-being of the community. We seek to bring in proven skills and personal integrity that delivers solutions to the long-term needs, and returns the district’s leadership role to the rate-payers.