White Paper on Governance & Elections

Revised on August 24, 2014 to clarify our discussion of Finding 5.

This paper discusses the Grand Jury report on SLVWD and its relation to the upcoming BOD elections in November.

First, a brief note about the active internet links found in this paper. All of them, whether in the body, references or footnotes, have been specifically configured to open in separate browser tabs.  The idea is that you can participate with us by actively reviewing any of our cited sources or references.

Two Grand Jury Reports

The following two links refer directly to the Santa Cruz Grand Jury reports for both the recent San Lorenzo Valley Water District and the more distant in time Lompico County Water District. Reading and digesting both of these are necessary to providing an understandable historical context to what's happening now with respect to the consolidation of the two Districts, and to better understand the significance of the recent report.

2014 Grand Jury on San Lorenzo  Valley Water District:
"San Lorenzo Valley Water District, Time to Restore Trust between Voters and District"

2009 Grand Jury Report on Lompico County Water District:
"Up a Creek Without a Financial Paddle, The Lompico County Water District"

For those wanting to delve deeper into the merger topic, LAFCO, Local Agency Formation Commission, is a good place to start. This site has links discussing the merger proposition and plans.

For background and history of the Grand Jury System, see California's Grand Jury System for a nice digestible summary.  For a more thorough deeper discussion, see The California Grand Jury System.

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